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Worship Leader

It's been a privilege to serve in many different churches over the years. I began as a contemporary music director in the 1990's in the nascent phase of a thriving student ministry at Park Street Church in Boston.  From there I served in the same function on staff and First Presbyterian in Berkeley, CA. I currently lead worship at Church On The Corner in Albany, CA and serve on the board as well. 

Worship Songwriter

During my tenure at First Pres Berkeley I had a hard time finding songs that fit some sermon topics. Rather than steamroll over topic, I wrote a few simple songs to support the sermon. To my surprise a few gained support from the worship team as well as the congregation. I began submitting them to Worship Leader Magazine's SongDISCovery over the years and a few were chosen. Consequently churches around the country began reporting using the songs via CCLI. This was so exciting to me, and still is, so I continue to lead worship and write worship songs as time allows. 

New CD

I have a new 11 song CD coming out in November entitled Matchless God And King. It will be available on all streaming sites plus itunes and CD Baby. I publish my music through WorshipInSong Music LLC. is where worship leaders can download my music free of charge

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