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Chord Charts and Song Samples

 He Is the King - Chord Chart  Lead Sheet

A blend of biblical truths focused on the sovereignty of Christ with a chorus proclaiming Jesus as King. Features passages from Psalm 48:1 “Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised…” and Romans 14:11 “At His mighty Name every knee will bow, every tongue confess ...


Kyrie Eleison - Chord Chart 
A lament after God’s mercy.  ‘Savior of all, Light of the world. Take my heart, have mercy on me.” Kyrie Eleison is appropriate in the weeks leading up to Easter or any other occasion when a congregation is focused on repentance and forgiveness.


 Come And Let Us Sing - Chord Chart   Lead Sheet

A soulful call to worship with an infectious chorus. “Come and let us sing and rise up, in the glory of the Lord, glory of the Lord! O let us sing and rise up singing praises to His Name, praises to His Name!”


Jesus O My Jesus - Chord Chart 

A plea to know the mind and heart of Jesus through vision and revelation “Give us eyes to see” with an ascending chorus proclaiming “You reign! You Reign!”


 Make Straight the Way - Chord Chart (key G)     Chord Chart (key A)  Lead Sheet 
Make Straight speaks to preparing the way for Jesus in our own hearts and minds with the whole of our lives. "Turn your heart to the King, let His grace and mercy sing. In your heart let his justice flow and His righteousness endure."


Rest O Rest My Soul - Chord Chart     Choir Chart
Born out of Psalm 62, Rest O Rest My Soul serves as a musical reminder that we should always rest and trust in God for He is 'our rock and salvation'. 


 Blessed Are (The Beatitudes Song) - Chord Chart
The Beatitudes set to verse and supporting chorus.


Come Unto His Table - Chord Chart
Come Unto His Table is an invitation to come forward during communion. "Come unto His table, come unto His table everyone who believes, He has come to save us, He has come to save us, a love that lasts eternally. With His body on the cross and His blood shed for us, the Son Of Man poured out His life in perfect sacrifice."



 Lord Of Truth - Chord Chart


Lord Have Mercy - Chord Chart  Lead Sheet

Lord Have Mercy is a simpler acoustic version of Kyrie Eleison without the chorus.